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My pagename GillaSerier means..

Gilla serier
= (You should) like/enjoy comics!
(To) like/enjoy comics

I write about why comics are great, comic reviews and in general about the comic market. I read comics in Swedish and in English, but this blog is in Swedish.

GoogleTranslation into English

I have a widget for Google translate that you can use to translate any page on this blog into English. Should always be at the bottom right corner.


When you press this the translate option appears on top of the page. Press Translate.


The translation will not be not completely correct as it a robot – but probably more easy to understand if you do not speak Swedish. For example, the robot is translating comics into the word ”series” when I mention comics, which is ”(tecknade) serier” in Swedish.

Comics published in English

To find reviews or reading suggestions on English comic books, go to: www.gillaserier.se/tag/engelska/

Kalla mig "tant serie"